Public Transportation  

Air Support

Air Support for Patton's Third ArmyIn Air Support for Patton's Third Army, John J. Sullivan seeks to complete the record on the Third Army.

Combat service

Combat service support in Baghdad: a forward support company supporting an armor battalion task force in Iraq had to innovate to execute its mission in a challenging urban environmentProviding combat service support (CSS) for a battalion-sized task force operating as part of Operation.

Life support

Life support for trauma and transport: First field useDuring the Persian Gulf War, the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) found evacuation distances.

Improved anesthesia

Improved anesthesia support of the forward surgical team: A proposed combination of drawover anesthesia and the life support for trauma and transportThe Ohmeda Portable Anesthesia Complete is the apparatus available for delivery.

Hungarian public

Hungarian public transport gets supportTHE Hungarian government has approved three transport agreements with the city authorities in the capital.

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Public Transportation

"New TGWU boss could bring Britain to its knees" - Don't Believe It - Tony Woodley of the Transport and General Workers' Union The main story behind the election of Tony Woodley as the new TGWU general secretary is that it came as little surprise to anyone. Every union boss elected over the past few years has shared one thing. They all hate Tony Blair.


The Transport Union's newly-elected head doesn't have serpentine political skills and doesn't care: he's "blunt and in your face" - Tony Woodley - Biography

The latest recruit to the TUC's "awkward squad" of Left-wing trade union leaders is Tony Woodley, who was elected general secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union on 31 May.


Transport Security Administration issues order for passenger data

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has ordered airlines to hand over passenger data for the month of June 2004 for use in developing and testing its Secure Flight passenger pre-screening system.


Summer's best beach reads: we've rounded up a trio of terrific page-turners that will transport you through the Diaspora

THE STORY: Starlight is an absorbing historical novel that lands in the minefield of race and sexism and is based on the true story of Anne Bonny, a 17-year-old Irishwoman who isn't who she seems.


For Singapore, radio-based CBTC - World Update - Singapore Land Transport Authority to use continuous, bidirectional radio-transmission-based communications-based train control

When it opens in December 2002 or January 2003, Singapore Land Transport Authority's new 14-mile, 16-station NorthEast Line will be the world's first rail transit system operating with continuous.